SaaS – Software as a Service

When Marc Benioff started back in 1999, he was bent on making sweeping, dramatic changes in the enterprise software market. The notion of renting software for only as long as you need it was a revolutionary idea that was as bold as it was untested. “No more packaged software” was his battle cry as he delivered all the plumbing code necessary for an enterprise client to start using an application the same day they bought it!

Today, Salesforce enjoys a position of global technology leadership that has sprouted a vast ecosystem of partners that develop apps, components, and full-blown applications for use on the salesforce platform.

Are You Part of a SaaS Ecosystem?

Perhaps your company develops and markets a value-added service or ancillary application that complements Salesforce. As Benioff has proven, you can take a revolutionary idea with the right go-to-market strategy and change the entire business landscape in your market vertical.

But here’s the kicker: even if you can demonstrate more business value than the price you ask, you’ll fizzle if you don’t market it well and communicate the right message to the right executives in a way they can understand and feel it. As my old business professor used to tell me, “If you’ve got ideas, but can’t get anybody excited about them, you may as well not have them.”

I Get SaaS

Software-as-a-Service is a very special place to be in the enterprise software market. As a marketing chief, I don’t have to tell you how much potential you hold. Don’t risk it on a copywriter who doesn’t “get it.” Call me now at 404-643-5379, or email me from my contact page.