CRM Systems

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

As a former CIO of a manufacturing firm, I was tasked with developing and maintaining a very large SaaS CRM instance. I can tell you that most companies feel that Customer Relationship Management is all focusing squarely on the customer.

They’re wrong.

The “R” in CRM is much bigger than the “C.” Customers will continue to have the same needs, fears, and pain points. But it’s how clients’ salespeople respond to those customers that’s important. The company that wins and keeps the business will be the one who has the strongest relationship with them. CRM systems meet this crucial need in many ways. Here are just a few.

Insight – Everybody on the sales team needs to have a 360-degree view of their customers’ pain points and what product features address them. CRM providers that connect these dots quickly and easily enjoy the greatest advantage.

Integration – The last thing your clients want is another island of technology where they have to build their own bridges. Their client data must feed into their ERP or other enterprise system without technological roadblocks or cryptic error messages.

Scalability – Companies that invest in CRM systems expect to grow, and the faster the better. Both sales and IT executives want a system that can grow at their own pace, without their having to adjust their operations to meet any software shortcomings.

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