Cloud Computing

True, demand for cloud services is only going to grow, but that doesn’t mean your cloud offering will sell itself. Competition for your prospects’ business is growing more intense every day. Every competing cloud provider is looking to entrench themselves as a mission-critical partner in their clients’ enterprise data strategy.

As a former CIO of a cloud-centric manufacturing firm, I know the benefits managers and executives will look for in your marketing materials. Here are just a few…

Ease of Use – Though cloud services offer a clear cost advantage, they can be a challenge to configure. Managers and end users want to be able to pick up the phone and be working productively in a matter of hours (or less). CIOs particularly like self-service options because they represent a “cleaner” solution.

Lower Administrative Burden – I’ve run several enterprise data centers over the course of my IT career. They’re neither easy nor cheap. And even with state-of-the-art software, I still had to hire platoons of administrators to configure and maintain everything. This, of course, left little time for much-needed innovation. Your cloud offering is a way for IT leaders to buy their time back, enabling them to work on strategic business initiatives rather than just keeping the lights on.

Access to Expertise – Any IT asset your prospect uses has to be configured, maintained, and secured, and not everybody has access to the talent they need. This is a big concern for tech-centric firms who know all too well that experienced IT talent is in short supply. By highlighting value-added services like backup, restoration, disaster recovery, and security protection, your firm’s offering can stand out among the competition to gain critical C-level mindshare.

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