Specialty Areas

I write white papers, case studies, articles, blog posts and other marketing collateral for various market spaces in the technology sector. But I’m known best for 3 areas of specialty:

    • Cloud – People have stopped kicking the tires on cloud computing and are moving forward with it as for their mission-critical applications. Now CRM providers must do the hard work of convincing IT decision makers that their cloud is right for them.
    • CRM – As customer relationship management systems continue to mature, it will become more difficult for CRM vendors to differentiate themselves from competitors. I can help your CRM system stand out from the crowd. I’ve been doing it since 2006.
    •  SaaS – The cost benefits of Software-as-a-Service are unmistakable. But IT decision makers like myself want more. I’ve helped other firms promote their SaaS offerings by illustrating their value-added solutions and services.
    • Internet of Things – By arming ordinary objects with web-connected sensors and mobile capabilities, both corporations and public entities are producing an ocean of data that they can mine for business insights that produce unprecedented competitive advantage.


Because I’m so familiar with these practice areas, I can also maximize time on the phone with your subject matter experts. My experience also means you’ll have a finished product that will meet your needs and enhance your marketing career.