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Rackspace is the global leader in hybrid cloud and founder of OpenStack®, the open-source operating system for the cloud. The focus of this customer success story is Spire. Spire is an industry leader in quantitative shopper intelligence, providing smart, actionable shopper analytics to leading retailers and manufacturers. This case study, Spire Empowers Regional Grocers with Consumer Analytics, was an interesting case study to write. What made it especially challenging was the fact that there was no clear before/after scenario that you would expect to find in most case studies. Spire started out doing everything right by hiring Rackspace. It has basically been smooth sailing for them ever since. Other white papers I’ve written for Rackspace include the following…
12 Critical Success Factors To Outsource IT Projects
Bringing Shadow IT into the Light
7 Tips to Becoming a True IT Service Broker



Verizon Digital Media‘s EdgeCast (now Verizon Deliver) is a state-of-the-art content delivery network, and at press time, it is ranked as the #2 CDN in the world. They have the unenviable challenge of competing against a bigger provider that has been in business for 15 and actually coined the acronym, “CDN.”

In this white paper, 5 Myths about Content Deliver Networks and the Truths You Should Know, I help them compete with this industry behemoth by systematically dispelling the myth that the biggest is necessarily the better. I do this by positioning Verizon EdgeCast as the the CDN that yields the highest ROI because their network is built on modern architecture which is significantly faster and more reliable than that of their competitors.

Other white papers I’ve written for Verizon include the following…

5 Steps to Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

Travelers Insurance

I really enjoy writing the Travelers Insurance Risk Advisor Series. They do a fantastic job of keeping their enterprise clients abreast of the risks inherent in emerging technologies and how to mitigate them. This white paper, The Wearables Revolution Has Arrived, is about the trend in wearable technology. Go ahead and download it. It’s a fascinating read. I’m certain we’ll be seeing more and more wearable devices in the coming years–some so small we won’t even notice them.
I’ve always liked working in the public sector both as a copywriter and also a software engineer. So when Travelers asked me to write their Smart Cities series of white papers, I jumped at the chance. Transportation and Mobility for the Smart City is the first in this series. It illustrates the ways in which civic leaders can take advantage of emerging technologies while protecting themselves from risks they might not realize they have. The best way to protect themselves and their cities? Why, Travelers Insurance, of course 😉

3D Printing is an emerging technology that holds the potential to turn the manufacturing sector on its ear. Though the technology is in its incipient stages now, I am confident that improvements in rendering time will make this new manufacturing paradigm viable for full production runs. When that happens, manufacturing jobs will come back to the United States in droves, making global supply chains a thing of the past. This paper, Have Your 3D Printed Cake and Eat It Too, outlines the opportunities this exciting new technology holds for visionary firms, and how to avoid the inherent risks that follow.


Borland Software – As a 20+ veteran of the IT industry, I’ve studied software development under object modeling guru, Peter Coad. When Borland purchased his company (TogetherSoft), they asked me to write a Solving Object Modeling’s Shortfalls. In addition to writing the whitepaper, I also did the online product demos on their landing page. These promotions generate sales leads that have kept Borland Together in the top-5 best selling products for Borland Software since 2002.

CDC Software
Releasing a white paper on the heels of a significant political act has always been a very effective technique. Significant moves from Washington DC always send ripples throughout industrial manufacturers due to the uncertainty they cause. That is why this white paper from Aptean generated such a healthy response level. When President Obama signed the Food Safety and Modernization Act back in 2011, nobody in the food manufacturing industry quite knew what to make of it. This white paper, Don’t Wait for Uncle Sam, encourages executives and their technology leaders to take action proactively rather than wait for the government to force their hand. By taking advantage of the traceability features of Ross ERP, food manufacturers and processors can shield themselves from the disastrous effects of a high-profile recall.

CDC Software

CDC Software markets Pivotal CRM, a top-tier customer relationship software package. Based in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, CDC commissioned me to write 5 whitepapers for them to help them promote the Pivotal solution:

CRM felt strongly that I would be the copywriter of choice because of my proven ability to write compelling white papers and also my software engineering background in the Microsoft .Net Framework on which Pivotal operates. Shortly after the second of these white papers was published, Microsoft awarded CDC Software the prestigious Information Worker Solutions and Office Solutions Development Partner of the Year for 2009 based on Pivotal’s exceptional level of user acceptance.



“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies,” says Cisco Executive Vice Chairman, John Chambers. This brings a sobering thought boardrooms around the globe. Bottom line is your competitors are moving to their enterprise workloads to the cloud, reaping the rewards to decreased cost base, greater business agility, and lower total cost of ownership.

The UK-based Access Group understands this. And their Access Alto cloud IaaS service offers indisputable business benefits to companies who have adopted it. And for those who don’t have enough in-house cloud talent necessary, Access Group’s professional services staff stands ready and able to help make any cloud migration a success.

This white paper, Shape Your Journey to the Cloud, shares a simple, workable strategy in which companies can move to the Cloud at their own pace, greatly increasing their chances of capturing all of the business benefits.


Plex is the Manufacturing Cloud — connecting suppliers, materials, machines and people to help you innovate, improve productivity, and achieve new levels of quality and efficiency. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud, the first true cloud ERP solution of its kind, proves that powerful doesn’t have to mean complex, and easy-to-use doesn’t have to mean unproductive.

This white paper, Manufacturing in Turbulent Times , illustrates what chief engineers and manufacturing executives are looking for in an ERP system — an easy and clean way to harness the power of the cloud to drive down manufacturing costs without the hassles of vendor lock-in.

CIOReview Magazine
As a former developer and CIO, I have a long history with the Java programming language and runtime platform. So I was honored that CIO Review magazine would ask me to write a 1200-word article to get my take on where Java has come from and where I see it going. As a marketer, I think the Internet of Thing (IoT) is going to become more and more prevalent as manufacturers arm everyday objects with smart sensor technology. The resulting M2M (machine-to-machine) communication will bring Java full circle back to where it started: embedded computing. The article, The Market Drivers That Decimated Java’s Popularity Stand Poised to Resurrect It, appeared in the February 2016 issue of CIO Review Magazine.

Toyota has set the standard for excellence in the automobile manufacturing business. The brainchild behind their success was Chief Engineer, Taichi Ohno. His philosophy of systematically eliminating waste to produce superior products on a consistent basis formed the basis of James Womack’s Lean Thinking. But what does a 1950’s manufacturing paradigm have to do with 21st Century Big Data Issues? In my article, What a Japanese Auto Maker Can Teach Us About Big Data ROI, you will see how these seemingly dissimilar market spaces converge to form a powerful data processing concept that can deliver frequent, bankable, breakthrough results.

DDoS attacks continue to plague CIOs and IT leaders the world over. This post highlights the single biggest reason Why DDoS Attacks Continue to Succeed: lack of skills necessary to combat these all-to-common attacks.

Raken Logo

Raken, makes short and easy work of construction reports with the Raken app, an Android and iOS app that allows construction foremen to fill out their daily reports by simply speaking into their smart phones or tablets. Data and any relevant photos are uploaded to a cloud data store where they can be indexed and queried by jobsite personnel or executive leaders alike.But Raken also offers one huge extra benefit. Ironically, it’s one that construction firms hope they never have to use—litigation support. In the event a construction firm is sued for any jobsite issue, they can easily locate and use data from their daily reports to support their case in court, saving them untold amounts of money and possibly even save their company.

This white paper, Success Factors of Highly Profitable Construction Firms, is a thought leadership piece highlighting what excellent construction firms do that sets them apart from average players in this space.

premier logic

Premier Logic – One of the fastest growing and most respected software development consulting firms in the United States is Premier Logic, based in Atlanta, GA.Premier Logic takes pride in the fact that we’re not just another software development company. Clients worldwide understand Premier’s development projects impact the world in ways that are positive, meaningful and lasting.So when it came time to produce a thought leadership white paper on their forte, cloud computing, they naturally turned to me. The net result was Cloud Computing Risks and Rewards: A Primer for CIOs.


Performance Letters. The best leaders do not coerce their sales teams. They instinctively ignite their followers’ internal passion to meet organizational goals by articulating their vision for the future of their firms. As a result, their employees feel much better about themselves and the company they work for once that vision materializes.

Communications guru, Steve Kroening, knows this. His service, Performance Letters, helps today’s chief executives disseminate their wisdom and experience to leaders throughout their organizations. Performance Letters is more than just a company newsletter. It is a direct line from CEOs to the front line managers and sales people, spurring them on to achieve outstanding results. This white paper, High Performance Leadership: How 21st Century Leaders are Driving Sales Performance to New Heights explains how.

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