About Eric Lynch

If you ask Eric Lynch who his favorite television character is, he’ll tell you without hesitation: Scotty from Star Trek – because he’s the only one who knew how everything worked.

Eric is the same way. He has always had a love for high-tech – and a firm grasp of it. If you get him talking about his past, you’ll understand why. Throughout his life, Eric was always chosen to handle the technically complicated tasks no one else could.

He started his high-tech career back in 1995 as a first-line phone support for Seagate Crystal Reports. Developers would call Eric for answers to their tough technical problems involving Crystal, SQL Server, Oracle, Visual Basic and C++.

But even as a virtual techno-rookie, Eric showed his unique ability to explain sophisticated solutions. Often times, he would go the extra mile to code a solution for his customers, then step through the code with them over the phone until they understood the solution. It wasn’t long before customers began offering Eric lucrative software development and training contracts.

A Teacher and Mentor

Eric went on earn several technology industry certifications (MCSD, MCDBA, MCT, SCJP). And with his new-found ability to communicate complicated technological concepts, Eric went to work as an independent Microsoft Certified Trainer.

He taught software development and database administration where his advanced communication skills always earned him superior reviews from his clients. So much so, that several Microsoft Certified Training Centers asked Eric to teach exclusively for them.

After working as an independent contract programmer and trainer for a number of years, TogetherSoft hired Eric to mentor their customers in object-oriented analysis & design. While mentoring clients was his primary specialty, Eric was often called upon to perform pre-sales demonstrations of TogetherSoft’s flagship product.

That’s where Eric discovered his unique and lucrative skill for technical persuasion. The salespeople closed so much business with Eric at the controls they made sure he spent most of his time persuading IT departments to buy their sophisticated software.

Should-to-Shoulder With Master Copywriters

In 2003, Eric discovered yet another talent he didn’t realize he had: copywriting. After completing the AWAI Master’s Copywriting Course, Eric’s work got the attention of master copywriter Parris Lampropoulos. Eric became a “copy cub” for Parris and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the master on several profitable direct mail packages.

But even as well as Eric has done writing high-dollar B2C copy, his true talent for marketing has always been B2B high-technology. Borland Software understood this. That’s why they hired Eric to write their whitepaper and marketing communications after they acquired TogetherSoft.

Who better to write the marketing copy than the guy who helped write the software itself? Eric delivered in spades, as only he could. That success further solidified Eric’s position as the go-to guy to promote complicated software targeted at high-tech engineers and IT departments.

He Even Likes To Have Fun

When Eric Lynch isn’t increasing leads and sales of high tech products, he can usually be found playing fingerstyle guitar at his home in Woodstock, GA (he used to play professionally in Nashville). He also helps young men and women break into the technology industry by expanding their technological skillsets and find jobs through his vast network of industry contacts.

Eric has also been known to win a few races playing online Forza Motorsport on his Xbox One.

Now that you’ve seen Eric’s bio, you’re probably interested in some of the services he offers on his services page. Or, if you’re ready to discuss an upcoming software content project, go ahead and contact him directly at 404-643-5379. Or if you prefer, you can email him or contact him online via the web form on his contact page.